Our Vision

This business was started to offer the highest quality of service for the most affordable price. We understand that technology has become a critical part of daily life and sometimes that technology fails. When it does, Peters’ PC Repair will be there to offer a range of solutions to fix that problem.

Our core values of offering options, professional service, and a friendly atmosphere, are what sets us apart from the rest. The customer has the right to know what the exact issue is and what can be done to resolve that issue. Without any restraints due to corporate restrictions or contracts, we are able to utilize multiple vendors and sources for parts and software, allowing us to get the best prices. Combined with extremely competitive service costs our pricing is the lowest on the market.

With a background in I.T. from some of the biggest retail stores and government, our approach to problems are flexible, realistic, and knowledgeable. We troubleshoot using experience from multiple disciplines and facets of technology to create the best possible solution for your technology need.

We understand that not everyone is a technology guru and tech know-how is learned through experiences and sometimes frustration. We exist to eliminate that frustration by not only providing solutions, but also teaching how to avoid or prevent those issues again. We exist to help you understand technology and its capabilities without expecting you to learn the advanced technical knowledge that allows said tech to run.