Business Services

We are proud to serve the businesses of New England. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Data Recovery

Have a laptop or workstation that is no longer booting properly or was formatted? It may be possible to recover the data that was on the hard drive. Using advanced methods, we can attempt to pull off any data that was on the device and assist in restoring it to another computer or device.
Data Destruction

To insure that sensitive data isn’t accidentally handed to a recycling center or third party, we offer data destruction services to make sure your data is securely and totally unrecoverable. Software and hardware destruction services available.
Wireless and Wired Network Setup

Setting up an office for the first time? Adding new devices to an existing network? We can add / remove / optimize your network to make sure everything runs smoothly and reliably.
Computer Deployment and Imaging

If you are setting up an office for the first time with multiple computers, rather than configure each manually, we can substantially reduce setup time by imaging and mass deploying workstations in your environment.
Software Installation, Configuration, and Training

Updating new a new program or software and aren’t sure what to do next? Let us help! We can install your software, configure it to work with your existing infrastructure, train your employees, and create training guides for future reference.
Document Storage Management

Just like paper files, digital files need to be stored and structured for ease of use. We can assist in creating or optimizing a storage structure and determining the best way to backup those files in the case of emergencies.
I.T. Documentation Creation

Let us help you create technical documents for your I.T. infrastructure, manuals for use, or emergency preparedness guides.
Individual or Group Training

We offer individual or group training for various softwares, hardware, and best practices.
Hardware Upgrade and Data Migration

The biggest hurdle for any small / medium sized business is outdated I.T. equipment. We can assist you in isolating bottlenecks and get your business working faster.
Remote Repair and Troubleshooting

Unable to bring in a workstation to our storefront? No problem! We offer remote repair and troubleshooting solutions for low-impact, expedient fixes.
Cloud-Based Storage Solutions

With advances in the Internet of Things the future of technology is in the cloud. We can analyze your current use practices to determine if in-house or cloud-based solutions are optimal for your business.
On-Site Rates

We do offer on-site repair and troubleshooting services for business clients. Our rates are $70 per hour.
SEO Services

For a one-time fee, we can find all instances of your business on the web and update information, add pictures / hours / contact info so your customers and clients can find you easily.